Presentation Game Create in 5 Simple Steps

Presentation games and quiz games are an effective way to keep the attention of your audience or team during a meeting or presentation. Moreover, information is memorized better, longer and you can check if it was received well. Presentation games and quiz games are also a fun way to get to know new colleagues and increase the mood during a game night with friends. But how do you make such a quiz game? In this blog we explain step by step how to quickly and simply set up a presentation game with Sendsteps' free online poll from Sendsteps, and how to implement it directly into a PowerPoint presentation. The audience can then easily participate from their favorite device. Let's get started!

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Step 1: create a free Sendsteps account

To create an online presentation game or quiz game you need a Sendsteps account. You can register here for free so you can get started within minutes. Already have an account? Then go to and log in.

Step 2: download the Sendsteps Add-in.

Next you download the Sendsteps Add-in. If you have just registered yourself click on the green 'download' button. When you are logged in click on the grey 'download' button on the top right of the dashboard.

Now open PowerPoint. The Sendsteps tab can be found at the top of the toolbar.


Step 3: creating questions

A presentation game or quiz game starts with preparing good questions. For this you can choose for example multiple-choice questions, open ended questions, word clouds etc. Note: You can add as many questions as you want and as much as you think you need.

Type the question and fill in the different answer options. Several answers may be correct. Let your creativity run wild and vary the type of questions frequently as well. The results can also be displayed in different ways, for example in columns or a pie chart. That makes your presentation game a lot more attractive!

Use the additional options to adjust the quiz questions to your personal preferences. For example, to increase the tension you can set a time limit per question. An exciting quiz music completes your presentation game!


Step 4: identify the participants

Come up with enough questions? Then you can choose whether the audience will participate anonymously or not. To do this, go to the dasboard (click the dashboard button in PowerPoint) and click Audience Identification.

If you click non anonymous, then the audience's scores will be tracked individually during the quiz. If you click anonymous then this does not happen. This functionality is set by default. So the privacy of your participants is automatically guaranteed by Sendsteps.

When you choose non anonymous you have many possibilities to keep track of your participants. For example, ask for their first and last name and where they live. Participants will see the identification questions when they log in.

Note: participant identification is not possible with a free account, this is only possible with a 'personal' or 'business' account. View Sendsteps' plans here.


Step 5: start the presentation game and share the scores

That's it! Now that the quiz is created, you can start playing. Start the session and have participants log in via their browser or by scanning the QR code. While answering the questions, scores are tracked in the dashboard. Depending on the identification, this is a total or individual score. You can display these scores live on a second screen. If several people get the same number of questions right, they are ranked according to their answer speed.

At the end of your presentation, it's time to announce the winner. Congratulate him or her with a big applause from the audience or even better: award an appropriate prize!

The results of all your games can always be found and downloaded in the dashboard.


So creating a presentation game with Sendsteps is very easy! Got the hang of it after creating your first quiz game? Then upgrade your Sendsteps account to a 'personal' or 'business' account. This way you can let as many people participate as you want and you have even more possibilities to make your presentation or quiz a success. The interactive games for group presentations will give you even more ideas for possible games you can play with our tool. In addition, Sendsteps offers other good tips to help you give a perfect presentation. We would love to help you with that! Please feel free to contact us for this. Also if you have any questions about our tools.

Robert Daverschot

Robert is a professional moderator, presenter and speaker coach. Robert has years of experience at home and abroad and works for a broad range of industries. He has interviewed ministers, captains of industry and even His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In his dealings with the audience, he always uses Sendsteps. With it, an audience is able to voice their opinions, whereby attendees can cast votes or send in comments to speakers and panels on stage. As such, events turn into lively dialogues with everyone being able to speak up!