Public Speaking: Overcoming Stage Fright with Interactive Presentations

Public speaking can be very intimidating, especially if you’re not used to it. Even the most confident and charismatic individuals get nervous before addressing a crowd. It is normal to feel nervous even if you know your material inside and out. Fortunately, there are ways you can make your speech more interactive, so that you can connect with your audience as much as possible. Interactive presentation will make it easier to relax and deliver the message you want to share with them. Check out these tips for giving an interactive presentation that will help you overcome your stage fright.

Stage fright

The Fear of Public Speaking

Stage fright is a common fear among people who are required to speak in public. If you suffer from stage fright, you may feel anxious or nervous before a presentation or performance and experience some of these symptoms while on stage. The good news is that there are several strategies that can help to overcome the fear of public speaking.
Which are for example:

  • Recording yourself

  • Using an Interactive presentation

Video Recording

Recording yourself

If you are struggling with feelings of anxiety in the run-up to your next presentation, try practicing your speech in front of a mirror or video camera. This will give you insight on your own facial expressions and body language and identify any issues for improvement.

The Benefits of Interactive Presentations

Another way is interactive presentations which are a great way to overcome the fear of public speaking:

  • They provide a more personal experience for the speaker and audience, which can help remove some of the anxiety that comes from presenting in front of a large group.

  • They allow you to interact with your audience, which is something that can't be done when delivering a traditional presentation.

These benefits make interactive presentations an excellent choice for public speaking. You could try to use Sendsteps to make an interactive presentation and present with confidence instead of fear.

How to Use Interactive Presentations to Overcome Stage Fright

If you've been hesitant to speak in public, there are some techniques that can help ease your nerves and make the process a little easier. For example, when presenting an idea, it can help to break up your talk into smaller chunks. With interactive presentations you can ask a question, by using a live Q&A after one of these chunks, which will keep your audience engaged. A big benefit of interactive presentations is that your audience is more focussed on the presentation's slides, instead being focussed on you as a person. Which makes presenting easier, and make it seem more manageable.

Example of How Interactive Presentation can help Overcome Stage Fright

For example, if you have five main points that you want to get across during a 30-minute presentation. Instead of delivering all five points at once, give one point at a time, and ask your audience a question by using a quiz or multiple choice question. This way, the audience is given time think about what you told them and will be focussing on their answer instead on you. In addition to this technique, encourage your audience by allowing them to vote on something related to the topic at hand.

Tips for Creating an Interactive Presentation

As mentioned before, interactive presentations are a great way to keep the audience engaged and can help you overcome stage fright. Here are some tips for using and creating interactive presentation:

  • At the beginning of your presentation, establish what you want the audience to walk away with after hearing it.

  • In the body of your presentation, share your main points in an interactive way that will encourage participation from the audience. You could do this by example by doing a live Q&A, live word cloud or a multiple choice question.

  • Finally at the end, ask your audience what they remembered by an open ended question or by playing a quiz.

It is easy to make a presentation with the question types named above with Sendsteps . So try Sendsteps today and overcome your stage fright.

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