What are the Benefits of an Audience Response System?

While most presentation software allows you to use traditional slide notes, many businesses are opting to use an audience response system (ARS). An ARS makes presenting more interactive and fun by allowing audience members to answer questions. The results are displayed on a screen so that everyone can see the responses. This helps ensure that everyone is engaged and keeps your audience on their toes! In this article, we’ll explore what an audience response system is and why it can make you stand out from your competition when presenting to clients and colleagues alike.

audience respons systeem

Why Use An Audience Response System

An interactive presentation is more engaging than a traditional presentation. Using a software that allows real-time engagement with your audience, such as an Audience Response System, makes presentations more personal and can allow you to collect information from your participants. Collecting data during a presentation not only proves you’re giving them what they want, but it also provides insight into how they perceive your message or product and can help you focus on points that need improvement or clarification.

Pros of An Audience Response System

  • Get instant feedback from your audience
  • Giving those who are listening a voice in real time
  • Easy to use
  • It can convert prospects into leads
  • Audience engagement

How Does It Work?

An ARS is a great way to get your viewers more involved in events like classes, lectures, and conferences. An ARS consists of three basic components: a screen, a computer, and an interactive software that allows users to anonymously submit responses online from their phones or computers. This type of platform opens up opportunities for more feedback from your attendees without making them feel uncomfortable

Technology Considerations

When selecting an audience response system (ARS), there are several features to look for. The more features a product offers, and can integrate with other technologies like PowerPoint or Microsoft Teams, the greater its value will be in increasing interaction between you and your attendees. WordCloud, Q&A and polling features are most used features to impress your audience. Consider whether or not you want it to interact with a live polling service like SMS texting.

Audience response systems make up a key part of modern-day meetings. As a result, they’re becoming more and more common within companies across all industries. If you want to read more about the benefits of an ARS read our blog about Benefits of Interactive Presentation Software.

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