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Voting Poll

What better way to start your presentation then with a voting poll? As such you can easily measure what your audience thinks about certain topics. Audience voting gives you a clear idea of where people stand, which makes it easier to bring your message across. When people share their opinion, you’ll notice how much more people will pay attention and will feel engaged.

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How a voting poll contributes to your message

When presenting the results of a study, it is foremost interesting to know the current experience and knowledge level of your audience. Voting during presentation will not only keep your audience engaged, it also gives the presenter an immediate sense of how the audience relates to the discussed topics. Ask the audience if they have any experience with the matter, if they are satisfied with the current status of things or check how regular a certain situation is applicable for individual attendees.

As a speaker you can prepare your feedback on the vote results already. You can make up a short script that can go with the different outcomes. As such you’ll never be surprised with the outcome of a voting poll. It shows you master the content and that you are able to relate to it in a broad way. The vote results can also be used for further study after your presentation: it will give more insight in a topic and you can also use it to further strengthen any next interactive presentation.

Use a voting poll before and after your presentation

Execute the same voting poll before and after your presentation. You’ll be able to see the shift in responses and it can underline the strength of your message: if audience voting resulted first in a negative outcome and afterwards in a positive outcome, it shows you were able to deliver a strong statement. Voting during presentation is a strong tool to support your explanation and story.

Keep it light and fun with a voting poll

Not only can you use a voting poll to deliver a more serious message, you can also use it to play a quiz and to have fun with your audience. With Sendsteps you can allow your audience to identify themselves upon voting. As such you can see who responded what. Formulate a number of quiz questions and let the audience vote via mobile phone. On a separate webpage you’ll see the score per individual attendee. Those respondents that vote via SMS will show up in the results with the individual phone numbers; a winner can be called live from the stage.

A quiz can be an ideal ingredient half way a conference day or to close of an intensive session. You can combine it with serious content to test the knowledge level of the audience. This way you can combine fun and content!

Consultants of Audience Interaction

At Sendsteps we see hundreds of events taking place every year. We know how to engage and shape participation whatever the size of your audience. We can advise on how best engage your audience using an interactive presentation. We can help you to formulate great questions. We can even facilitate the meeting for you!

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