Weighted voting system

Assign voting rights, collect votes, and display the results on a simple, straightforward interface. Suitable for use in corporate meetings.

Weighted voting

Key benefits

Distribute voting rights Pre-assign voting rights to each participant based on merit in a transparent, flexible and streamlined manner.

Power of Attorney The Power of Attorney feature allows absent members to transfer their voting rights to a proxy during the meeting. Attorneys of absentees will take on their unique identities in the system and will also receive their unique login codes with the necessary voting rights to participate on their behalf.

Weighted voting

Weighted voting rights can be quite controversial. But with Sendsteps, there are clear voter identities, transparent sharing formulas, and room for adjustments to address any issue that may arise. The system registers each participant under a unique identity and generates unique login codes which they can use to participate via their smartphones.

Voting rights

Sendsteps’ weighted voting system allows you to distribute voting rights based on merit in a transparent, flexible and streamlined manner. You can set the rules for allocating votes based on your company policies. But you can also easily make last-minute changes to accommodate any rising need.

With Sendsteps, you can ask weighted voting questions with a straightforward process from start to finish. Once you pre-assign voting rights to each participant, they can cast their vote instantly on your question or statement using their smartphones. Sendsteps will automatically count the votes and display the final score on the shared screen.

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