Review every Response Before Sharing them on the Screen with Response Filter

Wary of bad responses from your audience? Use Sendsteps’ response filter to squash distractions when receiving feedback from your audience.

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Key benefits


Filter messages

Our response filter allows you to review every single response from your audience before sharing them on a live presentation screen.

Sendsteps collects all responses and presents them on your private screen so you can review each one before sharing them with everyone else.

You can filter messages for:


Protecting your brand reputation

You’ll get to avoid the risk of displaying content that could be detrimental to your brand image.

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Protecting your audience

You can take down inappropriate content that can be quite disturbing to others.

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Understanding your audience better

You can clear out distractions for a deeper understanding of your audience by filtering out absurdities from their responses.

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Promote customer relations

You can increase trust and strengthen bonds with your customers by keeping out distractions during your interactions.

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Improved outcomes

Generally, your post-event outlook will be better when you moderate your audience closely than otherwise. That implies better engagement rates and conversion rates.

Moderate your audience’s responses

Sometimes, it’s crucial to give your audience a chance to air their opinions. However, you can’t always tell who is in your audience, and sometimes, bad company can make their way through.

With Sendsteps, you don’t need to get worked up about people who might try to act funny or say awkward things during your event. You can always stay on top of your event with handy tools to moderate responses from your audience. You’ll always get to spot and take down any inappropriate content before it’s posted on a live screen.

When opening the floor to feedback from the audience, it could be challenging to get everyone to only share productive thoughts. But with our response filter, you can ensure that nobody’s actions and opinions can disrupt your event.

Put off inappropriate responses

Sendsteps also facilitates participant registration. You can adjust your settings to disable anonymous participation. That way, everyone will participate with a unique identity. Each attendant will then need to fill out their name before they’re allowed to participate. With that, people with bad intentions will want to avoid interrupting your live session for the fear of getting called out.

Also, you’ll be able to deal more decisively with any inappropriate content when you find it easy to trace out its origin.

Use Sendsteps for:

Cut out distractions with our response filter

No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations