3 Ways to Boost Team Morale with Interactive Team Meetings

As you’re probably well aware, morale can have a huge impact on productivity and the bottom line of your company. It’s important to keep team morale high, but that can be difficult in any industry. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to boost team morale using interactive team meetings so that your business can be more successful in both the short- and long-term. Here are three ways to boost team morale with the help of interactive presentations.

1. Keep it Short

More than 50% of people say that they’d like their meetings to be shorter, according to a survey from The Society for Human Resource Management. There are a variety of reasons for that—meetings often feel like an unnecessary disruption of an employee’s workday and can even lead to higher stress levels—but one way around these issues is brevity. When you have fewer minutes for your presentation, you need more time-efficient ways of getting your point across. A great way to shorten your interactive team meeting is by using the weighted voting tool. Using this you can find out what topics are on top of your employees or collegues minds and eliminate topics that are not that important to your audience.


2. Ask for input


The biggest mistake most managers make is not asking for input from their staff. We all work better when we feel heard and understood, so why would your team be any different? The best way to get everyone on board is by getting them involved in the process. One way to ask for their input is by using an interactive word cloud in your presentation. This way your staff can give input and you have a visual overview of the most given answer. Read here more about interactive word clouds.

3. Take Advantage of Personal Stories

When we ask people how they’re doing, we don’t usually expect them to share their feelings. But by establishing a trusted work enviroment, we can not only boost morale, but also gain valuable feedback that can ultimately help us grow and improve as leaders. One way to do that is by taking advantage of personal stories. Start interactive team meetings off by asking how everyone is doing—and listen carefully when they respond. You can use an anonymous answering tool to ask these questions, not everyone feels comfortable talking about their personal life. However it is important to ask everyone attending this meeting.

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