6 Ways to Refresh Your Team Meetings with Sendsteps

Team meetings can become stale, boring, and routine if they aren’t kept fresh and interesting. Many team meeting topics are better served by group emails than group meetings, so you can save your actual face-to-face meetings for more important discussions. But, by using Sendsteps, it is possible to engage your audience during the meeting!

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What Makes Sendsteps a Good Solution?

Sendsteps is a perfect way to make your meetings more effective by engaging your audience. Sendsteps offers different templates for presentations, where you can choose between asking your co-workers to fill out a word cloud or answering a multiple choice question with just their phones. And if you want the group's opinion on any particular topic, then the voting feature will help you know what everyone thinks about it. Besides, Sendsteps also offers templates where you could start with an icebreaker, which is a perfect way to start your meeting. Here are 7 ways to refresh your team meetings with Sendsteps and get the most out of your time together as a group.

1. Set The Right Tone From The Start

Getting the group together in a conference room isn't just about talking. It's also about setting the right tone from the start, which can make or break an effective meeting. To keep things fresh, here are five ways to refresh your team meetings:

  • Have an ice breaker activity by using the Sendsteps templates.

  • Stand up and shake hands as people walk into the room.

  • Start meetings off on time and end them on time

  • Keep meetings short and sweet. Limit them to one hour unless you have a really good reason not to do so.

2. Give Everyone A Say

It's important that each of your team members gets a chance to speak and be heard. An effective meeting is one where every member feels like they have a say in the discussion, and where decisions are made collaboratively. Sendsteps makes it possible to give everyone a chance to speak by using an open-ended question or a Q&A.

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3. Have All The Information In One Place

Meetings are necessary for team members to stay in the loop. But, when meetings are too long, or lack a clear agenda, it is easier for people's attention spans and focus to wander. To avoid this problem, have a look at these three tips:

  1. Start on what was discussed last time.

  2. Take care of important items first so you can leave out the less important items if there's not enough time left in the meeting.

  3. Explain the purpose of the meeting ahead of time so people know what they're getting into and know how long it will take before they have to leave.

4. Make It Useful

Team meetings can be a great way to keep up morale and ensure everyone is on the same page. They're also a good opportunity for team members to share their ideas, ask questions, and generally feel heard. If you find that your team meetings are getting stale or unproductive, you could try to: 'Encourage Good Energy' - One of the simplest things you can do is invite different people to speak at each meeting. This will help keep things fresh and add new perspectives.

When having an effective meeting, it's crucial to get input from everyone in order to conclude that it benefits all stakeholders: 'What would you like to talk about today?' Get some fresh ideas into your meetings! An ideal method would be to start a discussion during your session using Sendsteps.

5. Get To Know Each Other Better

Bellow you can read great questions that you can ask as icebreakers at the start of a meeting. We offer a template with these questions and more ideas, which you could use.

  • What's your favorite food?

  • What's your favorite movie?

  • Who is your favorite musician?

6. Use Technology For Maximum Effectiveness

Encourage active participation: Chances are you're not the only one with something valuable to contribute to your meeting; try taking turns for each agenda item and setting a timer for 15 minutes so you can keep things moving quickly. Furthermore, do a Q&A at the end of the meeting to see whether anyone has questions left or not.

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