Get your Team Engaged: The Importance of the Opening Phase and Live Quiz in Team Meetings

A good team meeting should be engaging and fun, giving everyone on the team an opportunity to participate and contribute their ideas without feeling intimidated. The best way to make this happen? An opening phase with an interactive activity that brings the group together and gets everyone working together towards one goal. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your next team meeting, look no further than this blog post about how to promote engagement within a team meeting by using live multiple choice questions during the opening phase of your team meeting.

Team meeting

A Brief Description of the Meeting’s Purpose

Team meetings are essential for maintaining a healthy, happy, and engaged workplace. They can be tough to plan, though. For a meeting to have maximum impact with minimal effort on your end, it's important to start off well by setting the stage for success. A well-planned meeting, containing input from all team members can lead to new conclusions and ideas that can be put to use within a company.

Gathering Input From Participants at the Beginning

It is important to get your team engaged with an opening phase. People will be more likely to participate actively when they feel like their opinions are valued. Make sure to start off with a question that will get people thinking about their answers. With Sendsteps it is easy to start off with a question by using live multiple choice questions. Live multiple choice questions works best, because it saves time by not having to go through the process of taking a vote. Promoting activity at the beginning of the meeting means team members will be put to the test and challenged, which can result in healthy excitement, resulting in more discussion and coming up with new ideas.

Create a Roadmap for Success with Your Live Quiz

In order for your live multiple choice questions to be succesful, consider the following things and map out your ideas beforehand:

  1. Before the meeting, find out what your company is working on and create a few questions to highlight important aspects of your business. It's also a good idea to have a few questions that are geared towards specific projects or employees. This will show your team members that you care about them as individuals.

  2. When introducing the meeting, make sure you talk about how today's meeting is going to be different from other meetings they've attended before. Explain how instead of just listening to you speak, they will be part of an interactive experience where they'll be taking part in a quiz on various topics, as well as answering any questions posed by their teammates.

  3. After the initial introduction, go ahead with your opening question. And if it's a new employee, ask if they have anything they would like to share with the group so that everyone gets to know each other better right off the bat. To make this easier you could use the template bellow or create one yourself.

What is a Quiz, and How Does it Work?

A quiz is a way to get your team engaged before they start talking. It's also a way to make everyone on your team feel valued. A quiz works by setting up a series of multiple choice questions with Sendstps that are displayed on a screen for everyone attending to see. They can answer via their mobile phone and see the results live on the shared screen!


Finish Strong by Reviewing Everything

When you're done with your meeting, be sure to review the new aspects that were introduced (the opening phase and the multiple choice quiz) that were discussed during the meeting, and provide feedback for any issues that arose. This will serve as a good starting point for future meetings and will help keep things running smoothly to keep your audience engaged!

Sendsteps offers multiple interactive features like word clouds, open-ended questions, multiple choice, and quiz questions. These features create an interactive environment, which ensures that the meetings are engaging and interactive. Besides, it gives everyone a feeling that they’re part of the discussion. Helping to get your team meeting off on the right foot, an interactive session can provide new perspectives on customer needs and help foster empathy between you and your public. These benefits make this approach well worth trying – so let’s get started!

Roksanna van Dam

Roksanna works as an intern and mainly focuses on making content and the company's socials. Roksanna loves to teach herself and her audience new discoveries and has a creative mindset, which she combines with her work to create unique, fun, relevant blogs and templates.