Turn up your audience with our interactive presentation tool.

Struggling to engage your audience during your meetings? An Interactive slide presentation might be just what they need.

The jury is in: An interactive slide presentation makes all the difference.

Since its introduction, presentations have helped improve the way we communicate our ideas. However, the ‘wow’ factor of monotonous presentations is fading, and people are now looking for more effective ways to deliver information and drive their messages home. Studies have shown that interactive presentations are quickly becoming the master trend. Judging by the following statistics, there’s no doubt that interactions can help you raise your game in your presentation:

‘79% of people say most presentations are boring’

That’s to say that nearly 4 out of 5 people fall through the cracks during most presentations, distracted by their emails, social media, or whatnot. Add our interactive presentation tool, and your audience now has more reasons to stay hooked and concentrated on your program. Features like word clouds and open ended questions can help you harness their creative energies and passions during the meeting.

‘Most people tune out of a PowerPoint presentation after 10 minutes’

Many people don’t even last that long. But with Sendsteps’ interactive presentation software, you can engage your audience with topics and discussions that really matter to them. You can give them a chance to air their opinions and feelings every now and then during your presentation.

‘65% of people are easily persuaded by two-way presentations’

When you open the floor to them, you offer them a more authentic, relatable experience. With Sendsteps, you can use surveys, multiple choice questions, voting, and other features to drive engaging conversations throughout your event.

The benefits of our interactive presentation software.

  • Maximize engagement with tools that inspire your audience to stay active and focused throughout your presentation.
  • Stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Increase retention rates with an experience that makes your message stick.
  • Create a personalized experience that your audience can easily relate to.
  • Maximize return rates with interactions that get your audience coming back for more.
  • Collect feedback that'll help you create an even more remarkable experience

Who needs our interactive presentation tool?

Interactive presentations can help you unleash the potentials of your presentation in a wide array of settings, including:

  • Annual general meetings
  • Team building events
  • Training and lectures
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Proposal presentations
  • Business reporting
  • And other corporate events

How can you make your presentation interactive?

Sendsteps powers its interactive presentation software with a massive collection of interactive tools, including:

Click with your audience today with Sendsteps' interactive presentation tool.

With Sendsteps, you can do justice to your presentation ideas. You can ensure you're sharing the right ideas that’ll resonate with your audience rather than rambling on about something they only care little about.

Sendsteps helps you keep your audience locked in with an experience that resonates with them and gets them turning up for more.

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